Well not so much as an FAQ more of a QDHMUSNHVTWY but we thought FAQ was more catchy.

What is Leed Shack
A lame attempt to be funny by some former friends of mine ;)

Can I bring my children
Yes! Although we ask you let us know before hand.

Is food included?
Yes! All food and drink are provided for free with your ticket :)

Who gets the code?
You do… your the developer its yours, open source it, sell it, release it as a product – do whatever you want with it

Many hackdays have children come to visit and see what the fuss is about (we recommend the less stressful times of about 3-5pm on saturday and post midday on sunday).

Do I need a team?
No, we will have a session dedicated for people to find teams who need them, don’t worry just come along.

Do I need an idea?
No, in the next few days we will have a wiki with ideas and a way of connecting with other attendees.

Where do I sleep?
Sleep? Seriously?….okay Leeds Hack has a policy of ‘BYOB’ – Bring Your Own Beanbag or somewhere to kip.

We will provide some beanbags and places to sit throughout the day but these are NOT to be taken home.

We will have space for sleeping bags and camp-beds if you want to bring them.

Is there anything I’m not allowed to hack with?
Because of the quick nature of this hackday we are disallowing hardware hacks without prior consent and have a total ban on soldering.  Next year we will have a bit more time to organise and sort out fire insurance ;)

Can I come if I don’t want to hack
We have several spaces for visitors and press but we ask you don’t get a hacker ticket, these tickets will be made available once hacker tickets have sold out.

*QDHMUSNHVTWY – Questions Dom has made up since noone has visited the website yet